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Luna Aesthetics is the top source for cosmetic Botox in Denver, CO. I offer top-of-the-line Botox treatments that add oomph and erase wrinkles where you need it most. I take great pride in being able to help my clients feel more confident about their beauty and maintain their youthfulness for as long as they see fit.

We all have wrinkles such as laugh lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles. Thanks to Botox, I am able to focus on the root cause of wrinkles, and I target the muscles that contract to create wrinkles. This professional treatment with wrinkle-erasing abilities stops the muscle from contracting, resulting in smoother skin that is tighter and looks years younger.

When you visit Luna Aesthetics, my premium-quality Botox injections are administered in a modern, hygienic facility. This is not a long, drawn-out series of procedures that requires extensive appointments. There are no major side effects to speak of, and the treatment is FDA-approved. You can schedule a Botox injection on your lunch hour and then continue to go about your day as soon as you are done.

Most of my clients achieve desired results within five days, but it can take up to 14 days to see results. The procedure’s benefits last for three to five months, and clients who repeat the treatment following my recommendations typically see longer-lasting results. Injectable pricing is as follows:

• Botox Cosmetic $10.00 Per Unit
• Average Cost For Frown Lines $140-$230
• Crow’s Feet $140-$190
• Forehead $95-$190

At Luna Aesthetics in Denver, CO, I am dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty with prices that will make you smile. Reach out today to arrange a free consultation!

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